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About Shiraz

A city in southwestern Iran and capital of Fars Province in the Zagros Mountains, Shiraz is a commercial center of the surrounding region, which produces grapes, citrus fruit, cotton, and wheat. The chief products are inlaid articles of wood, metalwork, especially silver, rugs, brocades, and other textiles, cement, electronic parts, and fertilizer. It is the city of historic monuments, poets and philosophers, warriors and kings, orchards, orangeries, roses, anodizes and fragrant blossoms. With a population of 973,161 inhabitants, it lies in a pleasant green valley surrounded by high mountains, in the vicinity of Lake Maharlou. Its climate is extremely agreeable and generally temperate because of the city\›s altitude (1,600 in.). During Now Ruz (the Iranian New Year beginning on 21 st March) the city becomes a field of flowers and greenery, heady with scent of orange blossoms. Points of interest in Shiraz include the tombs of the celebrated Persian poets Hafez; and Saadi, both natives of the city, the Khalili Garden, Baghe Eram (the Garden of Paradise), Baghe Delgosha, Qavam Orangeries (Naranjestan-e Qavam), Tekiyeh Haft Tanan, the Koran Gate, Vakil Mosque, Shah Cheragh Shrine, Attiq Friday Mosque, New Mosque (Masjid-e Now), Pars Museum, Bishapour (Ancient ruins, to the west of Shiraz), and Fasa and Firuz Abad (Ruins in the surroundings of Shiraz). The city is also the site of a university (1945). Shiraz was founded in the 7th century and was the capital of Iran during several periods of its history.

Shiraz Coordinates
Province Shiraz
Latitude 29°36’35″N
Longitude 52°32’40″E
City 1500 km (579 sq mi)
Urban 686 km (265 sq mi)
Elevation 1200 m (3,900 ft)
Population (2011) about 78,800,000
Density 10000/km (25,899/sq mi)
Time zone 3.5 GMT


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Tourist Attractions in Shiraz

The Tourist Attractions in Shiraz reflects the beauty of the place which is truly wonderful. The city has a reference to the history which dates back to 2000 BC. The reference of the earliest form of the city was on clay tablets. The city has played host to Iran’s capital many times. The city was chosen to be the capital of Persia during the Zand dynasty. It was from 1750 until 1781. Again during the Saffarid period, Shiraz was chosen to be the capital of the country. The city was also the capital of Southern Iran from 1781 until 1794. The 13th century saw the city becoming one of the leading places for arts and culture.

The city is dotted with the tourist attractions that are spread all across the city and also in its surrounding areas. These attractions are instrumental in the development of tourism in the place. The Tourist Attractions in Shiraz are the crux of the Shiraz Tours. Truly the tourist attractions make the place very beautiful. Some of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the city are:

  • Tomb of Khaju e Kermani
  • Atigh Jame’ Mosque
  • Eram Garden is a famous tourism attraction.
  • Tomb of Hafez
  • Tomb of Sa’di v Tomb of Shah Shoja’
  • Haft Tanan
  • Barme Dela


Shiraz is a major tourist destination in Iran which attracts tourists from all over the places for the Tourist Attractions in Shiraz. The beautiful city of Shiraz offers loads to the tourists with its array of attractions that are located in a green plain. The city is situated at the foothills of Zagros Mountains lying on the southwest Iran. Shiraz enjoys a moderate climate and is a popular regional trade center of the country. The city enjoys the visit of numerous travelers and every travel is made enchanting with the tourist attractions in Shiraz. The Shiraz tourist attractions are truly an integral part of the Shiraz tours.

Shiraz Hotels

  • Shiraz Homa Hotel

District: Shiraz Homa Hotel is situated next to Azadi Park, the biggest park in Shiraz, offering glorious views over the adjacent tennis court and the mountain. Here is a haven of peace where you can truly be yourself. We pride ourselves on providing guests with luxury and convenience with a range of facilities to satisfy all your requirements. Our facilities are planned to suit both business and leisure, and our professional staff are ready to help you in any way they can. The magnificent ornamental façade at Shiraz Homa Hotel gives way to a warmly inviting lobby decorated with fresh flowers and comfortable seating. 232 elegant rooms and suites provide the discerning traveler with the utmost in comfort and luxury. The Hotel prides itself on the quality of its dinning outlets and offers a variety of restaurants designed to tantalize all taste. The Hotel also has one of the finest and largest function facilities in the city. It is the ultimate venue for conferences, conventions and social occasions. Fitness center boasts a wide range of equipment and facilities.

  • Chamran Grand Hotel

Chamran Grand Hotel has been located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz city. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ghasrodasht’s gardens. This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses modern devices and technology to meet the guest’s need in a perfect way and make a pleasant and enjoyable stay for them during their trip. Chamran Grand Hotel contains 250 rooms and suites with mountain, river, garden and city view.

  • Park sadi Hotel

District: Park sadi Hotel established in 1341,and is the first tourist Hotel in Shiraz. The old treas and hotel yard have created the memorable place for guests.

It is quite close to historical places: Vakil mosque, bath and bazaar, Karim Khan citadel, Pars museum.

  • Pars international hotel

District: Pars international hotel is one of the luxurious hotel in the south of Iran, which located on karimkhan Zand Avenue, just 20 minutes to the airport, 45 minutes to Persepolis, 10 minutes to sadi and karimkhan zand complex and 5 minutes to hafiz.

  • SHIRAZ Eram hotel

District: SHIRAZ Eram hotel is located the center of Shiraz; the city of poetry and literature. this beautiful city with its ancient historical places recount the antiquty of Iran›s civilization.

Tourists who come to iran cannot resist the enticement of visiting Shiraz, and include it among the necessary parts of their plan.


Shiraz Eram Hotel is located the center of city near the bank, trade centers, main bazaar and the historical building pf zandieh.


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