Longest Salt Cave

Longest Salt Cave


Namakdan (salt shaker) Cave in Iran’s southern Qeshm Island is about 6,580 meters long. Before the cave was discovered, Sodom Salt Cave in Palestine was considered the world’s longest salt cave with an overall length of 5,685 meters. The flow of salty water on the floor of the cave is a pleasant view. The humidity of the island and penetration of water into the cave has led to downpour of saturated salty water over the body of stalagmites continuously changing their outline.

Namakdan Cave includes a salty lake with a depth of one meter, which is located 160 meters from the mouth of the cave. There is an underground river which gushes out of the depths of Namakdan Mountain, finds its way out and after solving salt on its way, comes out on the slopes of the mountain. The water flow has created a natural pool in the pit which is located opposite to it whose color is white.

How to visit Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid): There exists visiting Persepolis, for every tours and travel itinerary to Iran, These are the Historical and Cultural tours that last anywhere between about five and fourteen days tours to Iran, almost every travelers make their way to visit most important places to visit in Iran, visiting Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and other Archaeological, Historical and cultural and various other "standard" sites. They are the type of tour that most first time, classical tourists take when they visit Iran.

Any visit to Persepolis attractions are to be at the top of your travel plans to Iran. Here you will learn about what these attractions have to offer and how to visit Persepolis on a self-guided tour.

How to Visit Persepolis, Iran: Persepolis, Takht-e Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid), or also Parseh is the name of the capital of first Persian empires during the Achaemenian dynasty from 550-350 BCE, UNESCO registered Persepolis a World heritage site at 1979. Persepolis is situated 70 K.M from the city of Shiraz in small town of Marv-Dasht. Many travelers include their visit from Persepolis to Naghsh-e rostam, Naghsh-e rajab and Pasargadae as part of day excursions from Shiraz. Persepolis itself is a constant and popular attraction for any visit of Iran at large. Ruins of Persepolis stand for ancient Persian civilization's best and most archetypal work.

If you decided to visit Persepolis and want to stay for an overnight then the town-ship city of Marv-Dasht( Where Persepolis is located) offers travelers accommodations and food. But as we already described above many travelers visit Persepolis together with Necropolis (Nagheh-e Rajab) and Naghsh-e rostam as well as Pasargadae.

Getting to Persepolis: By Bus from Shiraz: Go by bus to visit Persepolis for easiest travel, take regular and frequently run Buses from Karandish Bus Terminal in Shiraz; you'll ride in a bus for 45 Minutes. There are also yellow taxis. These taxis are one of the best options for getting to Persepolis from Shiraz, Fix the price and Hop-In, Note: you should fix the price including waiting time for you when you are on your visit Persepolis.

By Taxi: you can take a taxi almost from everywhere in Shiraz to visit Persepolis, although all of Hotels in Shiraz can arrange it for an excursion to Visit Persepolis. However, haggle for the best price you'll pay.

What to see when visit Persepolis: Most must-see attractions within the Persepolis area are concentrated on the remains of the glory of the Persian Empire which flourished as early as about two millenniums and a half.


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